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Dependable Deliverer Of Lumber

Express Forest Products can provide you with complete solutions for your lumber board requirements. We mill and distribute a full range of wholesale lumber products used throughout the wood industry.

Our greatest strength is that we are specialists within the lumber milling industry. We control every facet of the production on-site, and we drive to offer an individual service; furthermore, we are large enough to support your essential orders easily.

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Fully Integrated Supply Chain Management Solution For Your Wood Lumber Needs.

Express Forest Products provides businesses with complete, fully integrated solutions from our forest to our sawmills with the highest quality selection of softwood and hardwood products. In addition, we will manage your logistics through our global operations and international supply chain.

Value Engineering

Optimum Value Engineering can reduce the quantity of material used and lower delivery costs. The leading idea behind Value Engineering is to maximize material use while still meeting strict code regulations and structural requirements.

Value Engineering Benefits 

  • Lowers construction waste
  • Maximizes material use
  • Perfect for projects that will be duplicated
  • Saves material and labor costs and economizes resources by lessening the use of large-dimension framing

Estimating Engineering

Our estimating engineering realizes our many years of experience in the construction industry while providing expertise in detailed and meticulous estimates and material takeoffs for timber projects.

We deliver our clients a time-saving and cost-saving model by combining our proficiency gained from experience and the latest software to benefit you in the best way possible.




Logistics - Export - Import

We encourage you to engage Express Forest Products to handle your logistical services and possible financing needs. Some reasons why: 

  • Supportive Care and Individual Attention With Your Logistical Needs
  • Consulting Capabilities
  • Capacity To Partner
  • Increased Cash Flow And Assistance Flexibility With Our Affiliate Financial Trade Partner (Express Trade Capital)

Modular Portable Offices

Tiny Homes

Manufacture modular offices and tiny houses are another specialties of ours. We specialize in constructing the structures entirely at our facility and deliver them ready to use on-site. This option towards traditional building practices is a faster and less costly construction approach with the advantages of less waste and less harm to the environment.

Due to the nature of the requirements of our modular assemblies, the design techniques and method in which we assemble the materials we use surpass to meet specific stability standards, such as in durability and lightweight.

Contractor Building Materials

Project Management

We Assist Contractors Uncover New Ways To Manage Soaring Lumber Prices

Experts say that although material price fluctuations have wreaked havoc on construction, labor has become the dominant source in driving costs.

We have built a group of seasoned, veteran lumber agents that have formed strong relationships with our building clients. Although our agents can support you as onsite project managers with you, they are as dedicated to the project as you are. We are on the road, visiting job sites and working with the builder, project managers, and trades to help run their projects efficiently and on time. So what does this mean for you? This means that we provide top-quality work with knowledgeable and reliable tradesmen to help turn your project into reality and keep your budget and timeline on track.

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