About Us

Our Commitment to Nature And The Lumber Supply Industry


Our company partners have a long history of experience working within the wood industry, from the production of lumber in Northern Europe and the Baltic Countries to its distribution within the North American market, supplying various wood forest products.

Our products are widely used as finishing materials by industrial leaders, remanufacturing mills, distributors, big box stores, construction companies, and many other consumers that value quality, durability, and Northern wood species that grow in Northern Europe and the Baltic Countries.

Being in business since 2001, our company has gone through many transformations over the years, and one thing remains constant:

Is our dedicated commitment to our clients and the lumber industry.

We hold ourselves on our customer services, quality products, and meeting your lumber needs the first time.

Distinct Positions To Serve You Better

We Are Committed To Our Clients

Express Forest Products is dedicated to providing a wide range of commercial industries with the products they need to succeed. Whether it’s sourcing, supplying, custom orders, or logistics, we work with you along every step of your business process.

Today, we are members of many leading U.S. professional associations, such as:

* Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association (NELMA) (www.nelma.org)

* North American Wholesale Lumber Association (www.nawla.org)

* Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (www.nrla.org)

* World Millwork Alliance (www.worldmillworkalliance.com)

* International Wood Products Association (IWPA) (www.iwpawood.org)

Superiorly Distinguished Service

As a lumber manufacturer/importer trading company, our wood products are among the best on the world market sourced from Northern Europe and the Baltic Countries.

Our main product lines consist of Appearance Boards, Millwork, Finger Joint Boards, Custom Panel Boards, Stairway Components, and associated accessories.

We also deliver custom Pattern Boards through our custom order process, where we work with our clients to design precisely what you’re looking for. First, select the type of wood and profile in the custom order process by either using one of our in-stock profiles or designing a custom profile. Our experienced associates are up to the challenge to accommodate your concepts, pictures, or illustrations you may show them.

Our flexibility enables us to swiftly transform your pattern board concept into actuality.



We have developed our capabilities to provide unique services for our customers, including remanufacturing, re-packaging, and expanding your horizons.

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Our mission is to provide steady growth and supply the highest-quality of Northern Europe and the Baltic Countries wood products in the U.S. market, with a product assortment that we can expand with confidence from our own wood forest and materials from Northern Europe and the Baltic Countries.

We strive to create long-term, open, and trustful relations with our clients. According to our principles, we understand the needs and requirements regarding product quality and work: To produce for and deliver products to our customers as we would do for ourselves.


Our strategy is based on a fully controlled operational chain that wholly works in the framework of one company.

On-site procurement of raw wood material from our own production capacities. Through our standing forest and our own sawmill along with our own wholesale distribution system within North America.

Values and Principles

Stability and Reliability

We developed our company on the principle of a stable, long-term, and reliable partnerships in the market, both for our consumers and our suppliers and producers. Our goal is to be a stable, long-term, and reliable partner in the market place to our clients and suppliers.


Our main task and purpose are to produce quality products in volumes and within the time schedules required by our clients. Daily interaction and cooperation with our clients and suppliers permit us to steadily increase the quality of our products, activities, and services.


Effective interaction and mutual understanding with our clients, built on the principles of confidence, openness, and responsibility.


We are integral with and indivisible from our clients. Their concerns are our problems; their success is our success. In our relations with our customers, we value a partnership approach. Therefore, our priority is an effective interaction and mutual understanding with our clients built on principles of trust, openness, and responsibility for implementing our obligations.

Client Relationship

We value our relationships with each of our clients and understand their requirements regarding products and services and timely and predictable deliveries. We are grateful to our clients for choosing us and for working with us and our products.


We strictly observe relevant environmental laws and requirements, and we extend the same principle to all of our suppliers. Express Forest Products produces and distributes only ecologically clean wood products, which have passed heat treated and kiln dried processing. We are committed to constantly implementing advanced technologies in industrial safety, environmental protection, and production control and are proud to contribute to a clean and safe environment.

How Can We Assist?

We Are Committed To Supplying Your Lumber Needs.