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Softwoods are derived from the harvesting of coniferous trees (gymnosperms), which are better and usually understood as evergreen trees. These trees usually have pointy needles and cones and not leaves. Softwood lumber is usually more lightweight and has a lower density than hardwood because these trees demonstrate to have a higher growth rate than hardwood trees. The increased maturation rate contributes to the abundant supply, with most processed timber coming from softwoods. In addition, they grow to have a straighter grain, making these woods fitting for usage in construction frame lumber and building elements such as windows and doors.

We offer products made from Northern European pine (Pinus Sylvestris) is known as Baltic pine, Scottish pine, or Siberian pine. The wood of this pine tree is of average density, has high strength, and is steadfast against rotting with proper processing.

Northern European spruce (Picea Abies and Picea Obovata), more known in the market as European Spruce. Its wood is white with a slight yellowish tinge. By strength, density, and biostability, this spruce is somewhat inferior to the pine. It is more difficult to process it because of an abundance of hard twigs. This species has a steady white color and long fibers.

Northern European and Baltic Countries Pine is well-known worldwide for its density and reliability, ease of processing (timber ideally renders to machining and does not splinter during drying). Furthermore, it is famous for its antibacterial, heat- and noise-preserving properties. In addition, it is recognized for its resistance to rotting and infestation by fungus and insects. Northern European and Baltic Countries Pine wood has a translucent amber color, which does not change over the years.

Our hardwoods products are made from Northern European White Oak and Northern European Birch. These hardwoods come from angiosperms (typically broad-leaved flowering trees); they yield their leaves in the fall and winter seasons. These trees contain veins that move water and show pores on their surface, resulting in more intricate and interesting-looking grains patterns in these woods, depending on the pore size.

This trait makes them the favored woods for usage in woodworking. In elaboration, hardwood trees gradually grow other than softwoods, contributing to their higher density and making them stronger and enduring. This consequence lends to their use in furniture making, cabinetry, flooring, and other construction applications where longevity is directly essential.

Hardwood lumber is typically more costly than softwood lumber, compelled by a more limited stock from the slower pace of tree maturation and the value of the strength of the wood product.

Our modular modern portable modular office spaces allow individuals or small groups secluded privacy to permit work just footsteps away from your home.

Our office modules will enable you to work more efficiently and large enough to receive visitors and an ideal solution for creating portable offices remotely from the company’s headquarters.

Office modular offices are delivered with a full suite of options, equipped with comfortable furniture and everything necessary for productive work, and in recognition of the ability to customize the design, we will create it precisely the way you or your team want.

Our modular mini-retreat (tiny) homes allow individuals or small groups secluded privacy to permit an escape mini-retreat home to the countryside for rest and leisure.

Tiny homes are delivered with a full suite of options, equipped with comfortable furniture and everything necessary for productive work, and in recognition of the ability to customize the design, we will create it precisely the way you or your team want.

Our Saunas are handmade and environmentally friendly, constructed with natural wood materials unique from Northern European and Baltic Countries.

Modular considerations focused on the dimensional strength of the structure to allow you to install the sauna wherever it is convenient for you quickly and effortlessly to transport where you want.

Our complete turnkey solution saunas and hot tubs are supplied entirely ready, so you can start using them on the day of delivery.


  • Sturdy prefabricated frame construction.
  • Uniform Transfer of heat in the steam room due to the rounded shape.
  • Aspen shingles are provided in 3 layers to seal the thermal cycle.
  • Requires no installation permits or registrations.
  • Fire-retardant with base natural oil impregnations significantly extends the service life.
  • Enclosed LED lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in the evening and at night.

The more additional jets nozzles do not equal a better experience, but accurate jets do. We deliver the optimal massage from the ideal mix of air and hot water to the meticulous placement of each sole jet in ergonomic seats.

What a perfect addition to your sauna would be to choose our stylish Premium Hot Tubs, made of multilayer reinforced fiberglass, for stability and durability holding in mind have been used to construct boats, and swimming pools, assuring to be long-lasting.

Choose From Our Selection of Premium Hot Tubs

  1. Classic
  2. Comfort
  3. Standard
  4. Elite

If it has been a lengthy, demanding day, soaking in a hot tub may be precisely the remedy you need to relax and escape the stresses of the day. But, aside from helping you unwind, it turns out that winding in a hot tub may deliver other benefits, too.

To possess a hot tub, there are some elementary things you ought to understand in how to gain the most out of your hot tub experience, so let’s check some potential health benefits of soaking in a hot tub.

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