Office Space

We are a leading portable cabins manufacture that is distinguished through our high quality and rugged structural designs.

Utilizing Portable Office Cabins For Your Business​

Current professions allow representatives of various specializations to work without leaving their homes or the local neighborhood.

Our office modules will allow you to work more efficiently and have the ability to welcome visitors without disturbing the tranquility of your loved ones.

An ideal solution for creating transportable mini-offices distant from the company’s headquarters.

The office modules are supplied entirely ready to be used, equipped with comfortable furniture and everything necessary for a productive workday. In addition, we can customize your portable office space, in which we will create precisely the office space you or your team demand.

  1. You Get More Space Using Portable Cabins
  2. They are High Quality and Customizable
  3. Portable Buildings are Budget Friendly
  4. It’s Easier for You to Relocate
  5. They Can Be a Major Asset for Your Business

Due to these advantages, you might have the inspiration to get a portable office to streamline your business operations. You don’t have to haggle with the time-consuming of locating the perfect site for your business. Our portable cabins office is the sound solution to help your business run smoothly and save your time.

Model O-4.5
Portable Office


7.5 Feet in Width
2.3 Meters in Width


15 Feet in Width
4.5 Meters in Width


8.2 Feet in Width
2.5 Meters in Width


2,755 lbs in Weight
1,250 Kg in Weight

Move Your Office Where You Want​


Portable offices offer privacy along with comfort to the employees of the organization. For example, while working on a construction site, you need a space to rest and manage the work files at the safest place.

The supervisors and staff usually visit the construction site to visit and keep their eye on the work. But nobody recognizes that during this time people need office space for work. Many people also search for the solution to this problem. Well, prefabricated site offices are the solution for all construction sites. They have more benefits as compared to traditional offices.

  1. Quick Construction
  2. Can Be Relocated Easily
  3. Made With Sound Engineering
  4. Eco-Friendly
  5. Affordable
  6. Safer
  7. Durable

If you are also challenged by office space or facility issues at the construction site, you can call us and get a quote for your portable office. Our service representatives will accommodate your needs towards satisfaction.

Model O-6.7
Portable Office


7.5 Feet in Width
2.3 Meters in Width


22 Feet in Length
6.7 Meters in Length


8.2 Feet in Height
2.5 Meters in Height


4,740 lbs in Weight
2,150 Kg in Weight

Our Prefabricated Structures

We construct our structures with robust materials, and we can move the complete assemblies to your site of choice.

Our prefabrication is different from conventional methods. We transport the whole assembly necessary to the actual place, and the office space is ready to be utilized as we have already assembled everything in the factory according to your requirements.

Why Choose Our Modular Structures?

Our Modular structure is now used to save your precious time and capital.

Consider, if you wanted to build a new home or office in a remote location, finding workers and choosing materials requires a considerable amount of time, but a portable building gets your job done in minutes.

Ready-made structures give you endless opportunities to preserve your land or site. If you regard the location as unsuitable for our structure, like a portable security cabin or portable building, you relocate it to your preferred location rather easily and quickly.

Move Your Office Where You Want​